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Imagine a fantastic wild world where plants and animals sound like the most incredible brass band. Welcome to Shadiya, the teeming world of music. This extraordinary world provides the world of mankind with the notes that serve as melodies and inspiration for composers. Recently, however, Shadiya has been in danger: a note-sucking dragon prowls around and threatens its fragile balance. Arya, a 10-year-old girl, is thrust into this fantasy world and goes in search of her recently deceased grandfather, a musician.

Running time / 1 x 52 minutes

Authors / Alwa Deluze, Claire Grimond, Sébastien Ors

Graphic designer / Florence Dupré La Tour

Script writer / Alwa Deluze, Kevin Païs

Coproducer / anoki

State / In development

Fundings / Région Occitanie (développement), Procirep-Angoa

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