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Approximative studies have shown that birds : 


- have 30% marital problems.

- nearly half of them have multiple consumer loans. 

- 20% show signs of being overweight.

- 36% are afraid for their retirement.
- 17% have a Netflix subscription.

They each have their own stories, tempers and problems, but they all have a little heart behind their feathers. Finally, these birds are much closer from us than what we think... 

Running time / 12 x 2 minutes

Year / 2019

Director / Irwin Fustec

Graphic designer / Irwin Fustec

Authors / Barthélémy Desplats et Benjamin Lacaze

Script writers / Barthélémy Desplats et Benjamin Lacaze

Broadcaster / Kick 

Fundings / CNC (production), Région Occitanie

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