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Chicken of the dead

On this Saturday night, the whole town of Gerbier is gathered in the village hall to celebrate the work of Bernard Lepique, a local agro-food magnate and inventor of the famous «Almost Chicken», a 50% industrial, but, above all, 50% organic product. But when Bernard asks the people to taste his new product, the «Almost Braised», things begin to degenerate and the different Gerbelins (Gerbier inhabitants) present in the room are transformed into hybrid beings, half-zombie, half chicken creatures. Tracked by these strange creatures, our poor magnate must run away to save his skin. 

Length / 10min

Year / 2019

Director / Julien David

Script writers / Florent Guimberteau et Yacine Badday

Graphic designer / Christophe Blanc

Coproducer / Anoki

Broadcaster / ViaVosages, Telefonica

Fundings / CNC, Région Occitanie, Procirep/Angoa

Selections / viborg animation festival - sitges - fifigrot - stuttgart international festival of animated film - off court trouville - interfilm international short film festival berlin - morbido festival - animasivo (mexico) - poff - icaf (istanbul) - clermont ferrand - sxsw - petits claps- festival court metrage d'auch - festival - international du cinema francophone en acadie - mostra crash - festival d'albi - court mais trash - festival court angoulême - dede fait son cinema

Awards / off court trouville/prix de la critique - festival court metrage d'auch/prix de l'intention

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