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Chicken of the dead

Following a brilliant business idea, Dick Bernard, the food magnate and genius inventor of the chicken Fifty Tasty Hum! causes a plague and the transformation of all its consumers into zombie chickens.

Nestled in the heart of nature and fields, the small town of Meatville becomes the site of an apocalyptic butchery in which Dick will have to face hordes of zombies, save his skin, preserve his loot and stop the contagion.

Running time / 10 x 13 minutes

Director / Julien David

Authors /  Yacine Badday, Ludovic Lefebvre, Florent Guimberteau

Graphic designer / Sealiah Guegnaud

Coproducer / anoki

State / In development

Fundings / CNC-FAIA (développement)

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