Easy reappearance

Anne, a fifty years old bourgeois, discovers that her husband is gay and goes to the Two Two club.

She is looking for him and discovers, in this bar, that she can also go to the other side …

Duration / 20min

Director / Guillaume Levil

Year / 2015

Script / Guillaume Levil

Coproduction / Les Nous

Broadcaster / ShortsTv

Partners / Procirep/Angoa,  Hautes-Alpes 

Selection / week-end tout court(s), rainbow festival of sexual diversity culture and film, festival ose ce court, festival saint-narcisse, la nouvelle séance, international izmir short film festival, festival chéries-chéris, salento rainbow film fest, wendy's shorts awards, les bobines du loup, women's only entertainment film festival, disturb awards, beeston film festival, ascona film festival, mulhouse tous courts, queens world film festival, rencontres du court-métrage image in cabestany, diy film festival, wicked queer - boston's lgbt film festival, désir désirs, le vidéo bar du dimanche soir, fairy tales queer film festival, kashish - mumbai international queer film festival, vilnius lgbt festival kreivès, fête du court-métrage / ville de metz, tcrm-blida, the bloggers cinema club

Awards / festival ose ce court/prix d'interprétation - wendy's shorts awards/best international film - rencontres du court-métrage image in cabestany/grand prix 

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