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First leaves

Abel lives in winter, Apolline lives in summer. Isolated in their “natures”, they never met. They are not supposed to cross paths.

So, when Abel crosses the line and meets Apolline, curiosity takes over.

Selections / +100 selections including KUKI Children's and Youth Film Festival - Berlin - FANIMA Animation Film Summer Festival - Brussels - ANIMA MUNDI Festival - Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo - International Short Film Festival - Ottawa - A LONG WEEK OF SHORT FILMS Festival - Shanghai - SICAF Animation Film Festival - Seoul - ANIMAFEST Animation Film Festival - Zagreb - GLAS Animation Film Festival - Berkeley - International Animation Film Festival - Annecy - International Short Film Festival - Sapporo - KLIK! Festival - Amsterdam - KROK International Animation Film Festival - Moscow

Price / +50 prizes including NAFF Animation Film Festival - Neum: Best Artistic Direction Award - Shorts That Are Not Pants - Toronto: Audience Award - MUNDOS DIGITALES Festival - La Coruña: Best International Short Film - FILMQUEST Festival - Salt Lake City: best animated film - CROQ'ANIME Animation Film Festival - Paris: audience award - CARTOONS ON THE BAY Festival - Venice: best short film award - International Festival of the Digital Animation film - Nagoya: grand prize - SHORT SHORTS Short Film Festival - Tokyo:  award for best computer-generated animated film

Duration / 10 minutes

Year / 2014

Director / Aude Danset and Carlos Decarvalho

Scenario / Aude Danset and Carlos Decarvalho​

Graphic Bible / Aude Danset and Carlos Decarvalho​

Co-production / I'm looking, Infecto

Broadcasters / WeoTv, Canal+, Shorts Tv

Partners /  CNC(production), Haut de France region, Occitanie region, Procirep/Angoa

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