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Boys boys boys

Boys boys boys has the ambition to meet a known animal, hairy, dominating the food chain, possessing power, money and sometimes guns but also, very often, none of that... Much criticized in recent times: l man.

Annecy Festival (2023) /  Ottawa International Animation Festival (2023) / Anima Brussel (2023 - Out of competition) / Animest Bucharest International Animation Film Festival (2023) / Animasyros Animation Festival (2023)

Format / 10 x 5 minutes

Director / Valentine Vendroux, Clawdia Prolongeau, Marie Villetelle, Seham Boutata, Pawel Thomas Larue

Literary Bible / Clément Treboux, Florent Guimberteau

Graphic Bible / Valentine Vendroux

Scenarios / Valentine Vendroux, Clément Treboux

Music / Basil Andrieu

Co-producer / Take five

International sales /Yum! Distribution

Year / 2023

Streamer / Arte

Partners / CNC, Procirep/Angoa, Occitanie Region, Screen Brussels, Belgian Shelter Tax

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