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Bubbleman in Hitler vs Frankenstein

Once upon a time in India, under Nazi occupation... Hitler is in power and controls saffron, the powerful spice of regeneration. In order to stifle the internal opposition led by Gandhi, the Führer condemns the Impure people to forced labor and extermination. Patty Dough, a spy infiltrated by the Nazis, calls the superhero Bubbleman to the rescue. She entrusts him with the urgent mission of eliminating Hitler and preventing his resurrection. No easy feat for Bubbleman, but he has a plan, a damn stupid plan! That of calling on Frankenstein, the shadow warrior...

Duration / 13 minutes

Year /2016

Directors / Julien Vray and Alban Gilly

Scenario / Julien Vray and Alban Gilly​

Graphic Bible / Julien Vray and Alban Gilly​Co-production / Lardux

Partners / CNC (program assistance) and CNC (new technologies)

Selections / Festival of the film Court Angoulême-  BD6né Festival - Cinematic Panic - Strasburg film festival- Tohorror film festival - Lobo fest - Festival internacional de films - Bogota short film festival  - InShort film festival - Filmest Badalona film festival

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