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Chicken of the dead

This Saturday evening, the entire small town of Gerbier gathered at the village hall to celebrate the work of Bernard Lepique, local agri-food magnate, and creator of the famous “Fifty Chicken”, a 50% industrial product, but above all 50% organic.

But when Bernard offers the room a tasting of his new product, the “Fifty Brased”, things begin to degenerate and the different Gerbelins (inhabitants of Gerbier) transform into hybrids, half-chicken, half-zombies.

Hunted by these strange creatures, our poor tycoon must flee to save his skin.

Duration / 10 minutes

Year / 2019

Director / Julien David

Scenario / Florent Guimberteau and Yacine Badday

Graphic Bible / Christophe Blanc

Co-production / Anoki

Distributor / Miyu Distribution

Broadcaster / ViaVosges, Telefonica

Partners / CNC-FAIA(concept),CNC-FAIA (development), CNC(production), Occitanie Region, Procirep/Angoa

Selections / Clermont-Ferrand-SXSW-Off-court Trouville - Sitges - Interfilm International Short Film Festival Berlin - Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film - Viborg animation Festival - fifigrot - Morbido festival - Animasivo (mexico) - POFF - Icaf (istanbul) - Petits claps- Festival Court Metrage d' Auch - International Festival of French-speaking cinema in Acadia - Mostra Crash - Albi Festival - Court mais Trash - Court Angoulême Festival - Dede makes his cinema - Rennes National Animation Festival.

Price /Off Court Trouville: critics' prize - Festival Court Metrage d'Auch: intention prize

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