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Chicken of the dead

Year 3333, in a future made of feathers, metal and flesh, reigns the Empire of the Beak. In this future, no more presidents, no more soup kitchens, no more cuddly snuggles, humans have been reduced to slaves, pets, gladiators or even dark matter...

One man is responsible for this terrible mess.
One man who had the brilliant business idea of selling his fellow human beings a "Qasi" chicken. 50% organic/50% industrial.

That man is... Dick Bernards. And his recipe went wrong, causing the most terrible epidemic in the history of mankind.

almost the entire world's population into Zombie chickens.

But fortunately, light reflects off the darkness, and in the midst of tragedy a glimmer of hope shines through...

In the future, a resistance exists.
It rises up to lift the heads of this lost humanity.

Flora Valentina and Franz Moral are part of it.
Their mission: to return to the past and eliminate Dick Bernards.

Format / 10 x 13 minutes

Director / Julien David

Literary bible / Yacine Badday, Ludovic Lefebvre, Florent Guimberteau

Graphic bible / Christophe Blanc

Status / In development

Partners / CNC-FAIA (development)

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