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Dinona maquette2_edited.jpg

Dwinona at Cocotoon Academy

A pineapple body, a unicorn face and a head full of dreams... She's Dwinona.

One day, she knows, she will become a cartoon heroine!

But before getting there and being propelled as a star, she will first have to successfully complete her education at…

Cocotoon Academy!

Superpowers courses, workshops to learn how to be an abominable villain or an adorable good guy, mathematics, toon geography... the students' schedule is busy and the competition is tough!

Duration / 52 x 13 minutes

Year / in development

Director / Wanted!

Literary Bible /  Florent Guimberteau and Franck Soulard

Graphic Bible /  David Maingault, Gaël Becu, Camille Gaillard

Partners /CNC-FAIA (concept aid), CNC-FAIA (development aid), Procirep/Angoa

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