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Ibinou the camera buff

Ibinou is a little owl wildlife photographer, curious and adventurous.
With his friends, like a feathered Sherlock Holmes, he identifies the sounds, tracks and habits of animals, in order to flush them out and photograph them. 
His investigation will always lead him to discover something specific about the animal he is looking for and thus teach young viewers ever more about the animals of the forest, the mountains or the plain. and the links that exist between animals and nature. 

Duration / 78 x 7 minutes

Status / in development

Director / Alwa Deluze

Literary Bible / Alwa Deluze and Perrine Lottier

Literary Bible / Elise Follin

Co-production /anoki

Partners / CNC helps with concept and development - Procirep/Angoa - Occitanie region - Selected at Cartoon Forum

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