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I am super

Seasons 1 and 2

Whether in a cartoon, a website, a contemporary art installation or a tablet and mobile application; “I am SUPER 2.dtg” features the adventures of the superhero SUPER.
Super is a classic, basic superhero. A living pleonasm, it is the incarnation of the adjective that names it.
For SUPER, justice is not just an ideal, it is an activity; SUPER “does” justice, like others make bread or make love. 

Duration / 40 x 2 minutes

Year /2014-2015

Director / Christophe Blanc

Literary Bible / Christophe Blanc

Graphic Bible / Christophe Blanc

Streamer / Studio 4 of France Télévisions

Partners / CNC-FAIA(production) - Procirep/Angoa - Occitanie region - SACD

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