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Lisa & Kolos

Muscle, strength, battle.

Kolos is a warrior of the school of brawn.

But Kolos has fallen into the evil plan of Zardos and Bidule, his worst enemies. Direction a world of hugs, love and joy: Tchoukikiss... Kolos' worst nightmare.

Fortunately, he meets Lisa, who guides him to the land of rainbows, where the queen of the unicorn ponies lives. He can then wish to go home. Unfortunately, Zardos and Bidule have also fallen to Tchookikiss.

Duration / 10 x 13 minutes

Directors / Irwin Fustec, Florent Guimberteau

Literary Bible /  Florent Guimberteau, Kevin Païs

Graphic Bible /  David Maingault, Camille Gaillard, Gael Becu

Scenarios /Florent Guimberteau

Music / Kirozen (Benjamin Nakache, Mathieu Rosenzweig)

Co-producers / Andarta pictures, Tchack, Squarefish, Umedia

Year /2024

Broadcasters / Canal+, RTBF

Partners /CNC, Pictanovo, Procirep/Angoa,  department of Drôme, Belgian Shelter Tax

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