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Nutty Granny

These five tales from the five corners of the planet (England, Sierra Leone, Australia, Haiti, France) are told by Mami Zinzin, a rather special grandmother: intrepid adventurer and tireless storyteller, who brought back these bits of stories from her many travels. 

Leaving aside the great classics, to focus on the more absurd, crazy or poetic, these off-road tales tackle ancestral stories told in the five corners of the world.

Duration / 40 minutes

Year / 2017

Director / Yannick Lecoeur

Scenario / Yannick Lecoeur, Abigail Green

Graphic Bible / Yannick Lecoeur Distribution / DVD and Cinema

Partners / Procirep/Angoa, Normandy Region

Selections / Chacun son Court, Fest'anima, CourtsCourts, InShort film festival, International Film Festival for children and youth Kinoclub

BA_Les contes de Mami Zinzin
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