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  • Pandas dans la brume | melting-productions

    Pandas in the mist ​Adapted from the comic strip “Pandas dans la mist” by Tignous published by Glénat Seasons 1, 2 and 3 A panda is cute. It eats bamboo, it’s easy-going, it’s the symbol of the WWF, it’s not just for children and it’s very telegenic. The problem is that there are only 1,600 left and they don't know how to fight against their disappearance... Duration / 75 x 2 minutes Year / 2018-2021 Directors / Thierry Garance and Juan Rodriguez Literary Bible / Thierry Garance and Juan Rodriguez Graphic Bible / Thierry Garance and Juan Rodriguez Scenario / François Rollin, François Morel Co-production / Vivifilm Broadcasters / France 5 - LCP - BipTV - TV5MONDE Partners / CNC-FAIA (pilot) , CNC(production) , Occitanie region, Procirep/Angoa, Screen Brussels, Tax shelter Play Video Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Embed Video Link Copied Share

  • Curse of the flesh | melting-productions

    Curse of the flesh Disembarking from a pirate galleon, invisible men land on a tropical island in search of a stone that can free them from their invisibility. But the island is inhabited by a tribe of warrior women who worship the mysterious stone. Sélections / côté court festival - hamburg international short film festival - l'étrange festival - rencontres cinéma de gindou - animated dreams - zubroffka international short film festival - aqua film festival - baretower forge world film competition - bideodromo international experimental film and video festival - bogota's animal cinema fest - burien film festival - caostica international shortfilm and videoclip festival - cinespacio international film festival - cinetoro film festival - feci bogota international independent film fair - festival bd6né - fkm fantastic film festival of a coruna - florida film festival -icp entertainment short film series - intermediaciones muestra de videoarte y video experimental - kaohsiung film festival - mediawave - international film and music gathering - menorca film festival - north bay art & film festival - ouarzazate international film festival - roselle park shorts ! film festival - séquence court-métrage - maremetraggio section - anchorage international film festival - sydney world film festival - ultracinema - visualizame short film festival audiovisual & women - miami international science-fiction film festival - the mosaic film festival - wasteland film festival Prix / Zubroffka international short film festival : mention spécial jury - ICP entertainment short film : meilleur film d'animation - Festival bd6né : grand prix du jury Format / 10 x 13 minutes Réalisateur / Julien David Bible littéraire / Yacine Badday, Ludovic Lefebvre, Florent Guimberteau Bible graphique / Sealiah Guegnaud Coproduction / anoki Statut / En développement Partenaires / CNC-FAIA (développement) Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share

  • Séries | melting-productions

    Productions In progress

  • En développement | melting-productions

    L'appendice Emilie Phuong Dans la peau Cypria Donato

  • Mami Zinzin | melting-productions

    Nutty Granny These five tales from the five corners of the planet (England, Sierra Leone, Australia, Haiti, France) are told by Mami Zinzin, a rather special grandmother: intrepid adventurer and tireless storyteller, who brought back these bits of stories from her many travels. Leaving aside the great classics, to focus on the more absurd, crazy or poetic, these off-road tales tackle ancestral stories told in the five corners of the world. Duration / 40 minutes Year / 2017 Director / Yannick Lecoeur Scenario / Yannick Lecoeur, Abigail Green Graphic Bible / Yannick Lecoeur Distribution / DVD and Cinema Partners / Procirep/Angoa, Normandy Region Selections / Ch acun son Court, Fest'anima, CourtsCourts, InShort film festival, International Film Festival for children and youth Kinoclub ​ Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share

  • Yvette from Paris | melting-productions

    Yvette from Paris Yvette from Paris is an animated documentary series which retraces the life of a woman born in 1940. The animated images illustrate her words taken from interviews by bringing a little gentleness, humor and poetry. Each episode is separated by theme and returns chronologically to an important period of his life. Format / 10 x 5 minutes Director / Grégory K.Mizol, Mitchelle Tamariz Literary Bible / Grégory K.Mizol Graphic Bible / Mitchelle Tamariz Scenario / Grégory K.Mizol, Mitchelle Tamariz Status / In development Partners / CNC-FAIA(development)

  • L'appendice | melting-productions

    The appendix One day, a reclusive man fishes a humanoid fish in the sea. At first tempted to kill it, he sees the creature transform into a young child; of its monstrous origin only a hook remains on its lip, impossible to remove. Fearing the jeers but moved by the miraculous being, the fisherman decides to raise him as his son... Project supported by Animation Sans Frontières (2020) Format / 10 minutes Director / Emilie Phuong Graphic Bible / Emilie Phuong Scenario / Emilie Phuong Status / In development Partners / CNC-FAIA(writing) , CNC-FAIA(development), Strong(Ile-de-France), Procirep-Angoa

  • Ibinou | melting-productions

    Ibinou the camera buff Ibinou is a little owl wildlife photographer, curious and adventurous. With his friends, like a feathered Sherlock Holmes, he identifies the sounds, tracks and habits of animals, in order to flush them out and photograph them. His investigation will always lead him to discover something specific about the animal he is looking for and thus teach young viewers ever more about the animals of the forest, the mountains or the plain. and the links that exist between animals and nature. Duration / 78 x 7 minutes Status / in development Director / Alwa Deluze Literary Bible / Alwa Deluze and Perrine Lottier Literary Bible / Elise Follin Co-production / anoki Partners / CNC helps with concept and development - Procirep/Angoa - Occitanie region - Selected at Cartoon Forum Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Share

  • En developpement | melting-productions

    Yvette from Paris Grégory K.Mizol, Mitchelle Tamariz Dwinona à la Cocotoon Academy Ultras Irwin Fustec Poulet zéro Julien David Arya Ibinou

  • Contact | Melting Productions 43 rue de la Roquette 75011 Paris ​ Animated films and series for children but also for adults. Send us your wonderful projects!

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