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Ibinou the camera buff

Ibinou, the camera buff is a nature-based adventure series for young children (3-6 years).
Ibinou, a small wildlife photographer owl, sets off in search of an animal living nearby in the forest or mountain, to photograph it.
Along with his friends, he identifies the sounds, tracks and habits of the animals to find them.
His investigation will always lead him to discover a particular feature of the animal that he is searching for.
One of the aesthetic characteristics of the series is an hybrid mix between paints watercolors, cartoon characters and action shooting.

Running time / 78 x 7 minutes

Audience / 4-6 years old

Director / Alwa Deluze

Script writers / Alwa Deluze et Perrine Lottier

Graphic designer / Elise Follin

State / in development

Fundings / CNC concept and development - Procirep/Angoa - Région Occitanie - Selected for the Cartoon Forum

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