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Joe the toothbrush

A decayed tooth, a canker sore, an abscess!

Only one solution: Joe the toothbrush.

Intrepid hunter of cavities, mouth ulcers, bacteria, tartar, Joe fights on all fronts to save the teeth of all children.

His hidden hideout, unknown to everyone, is in the foot of a sink.

Inside, sitting on his dentist's chair, he scans the giant screen for the slightest pathogenic agent sent by the terrible Dr. Gum: the sworn enemy of our hero.

Running time / 52 x 11 minutes

Audience / 8-10 years old

Director / Wanted !

Script writer /  Kevin Païs

Graphic designers /  Lucie Rouxel and Luce Cote-Colisson

State / in development

Fundings / It's the beginning !

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