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Kolos et Lisa

In a world populated by ferocious and hostile creatures, a hero is there to protect the widow and the orphan: Kolos! Tall, very-very muscular, Kolos has never known fear. His daily life is: slaying dragons, stunning trolls, extinguishing volcanoes, stopping earthquakes and chaining squats and tractions. His life will be turned upside down the day his lifelong enemy, the terrible wizard Zardos, opens a dimensional door and sends him into the world of Tchoukikiss; a world where everything is pink, fragrant, joyful and too cute. Fortunately, he will meet Lisa, a resident of Tchoukikiss. This adorable blue rabbit will take advantage of the arrival of Kolos to set off on an adventure, become emancipated and try to find the trace of her missing parents. Kolos and Lisa will then form an unlikely duo and undertake a long journey in search of the land of the Rainbows.

Running time / 10 x 22 minutes

Director / Wanted !

Authors /  Florent Guimberteau, Kevin Païs

Graphic designers /  David Maingault, Lucie Rouxel

State / in development

Fundings / it's the beginning !

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