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In St Crampon, a small town located in the extreme middle of France, left on the sidelines of globalization, soccer is the exclusive socio-cultural-religio-economical activity of the inhabitants. Located in the center of the city, the stadium is the meeting point of all major arteries. Four brave supporters are trying to take control of their club, their city and of the rest if possible...

Running time / 10 x 7 minutes

Director / Irwin Fustec

Authors / Louis Genevey, Thibaud Kunstlinger, Dylan Bendeks

Graphic designers / Irwin Fustec, David Gomes

Script writers / Louis Genevey, Thibaud Kunstlinger

Coproducer / la Onda

State / In development

Fundings / CNC-FAIA (écriture), CNC-FAIA (développement), Procirep-Angoa, Ciclic Animation Centre-Val de Loire (développement)

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